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Tempered Glass 25 oz. Tea Pot

$13.40 $9.98

This 25 oz. tempered glass teapot infuser with stainless steel basket is the perfect unit if you're looking to freshly steep and serve tea! Its body is made of durable black polypropylene plastic while the carafe is made of tempered glass, providing product visibility so you, or your guests can see how much tea is left to serve. Its stainless steel infuser holds all varieties of loose tea leaves, and is removable to prevent over-steeping and for easy cleaning. This teapot is also perfect for brewing and presenting tea flowers. To use, simply remove teapot lid and insert the infuser. Add your tea leaves or bags as recommended, then pour heated water into infuser and replace the lid until tea has finished steeping. Steep up to 25 ounces of tea! Perfect for all your tea brewing, this glass teapot has a classic shape with a modern style and appeal.