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Organic Pu-erh Black Tea from 1000 year old Yunnan Province's Tea Trees in China. Per ounce

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This Pu-erh Black tea (also called vintage or aged tea) is processed through a special fermentation process from 1000-year old Yunnan Province’s tea trees in China and is made available in the black (Shou) variety (also called cooked or ripened Pu-erh tea). Though both the green (Sheng) and black (Shou) varieties undergo the same withering processes, the shou variety undergoes an additional fermentation step of “cooking” (piling/heaping) and drying. Pu-erh tea can be stored for a very long time - the longer you keep it, the better it tastes, the higher its quality and medicinal benefits. Hence, the tea is stored in warm and moist cellars after forming, which allows subtle chemical processes to further mature the tea over time. Generally, Pu-erh tea is drinkable after 3 months and after 4-5 years, starts to develop its unique aged taste. Like wine, it improves with age, and some pu-erhs are still drinkable after 50 years! This aging process adds a highly-prized complexity, depth and smoothness to the Black Pu-erh tea (min. fermentation process of 12 months) yielding a deep earthy and woodsy flavor profile, and brownish liquor. Lastly, there are various medicinal benefits of Pu-erh tea as commonly recognized in traditional Chinese medicine.

- Aids digestion and fat breakdown
- Experts say Supports treatment of arteriosclerosis, colds, bleeding and hepatitis
- Contains high level of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which can be rapidly assimilated by the body

Ingredients Organic: Pu-erh tea.

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