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Black Tea (East Frisian)


Although East Frisia is rather small and not very densely populated, this region in the northeast of Germany is top-ranking when it comes to drinking tea. It is rumored that East Frisian tea is top ranking when it comes to drinking tea. It is rumoured that East Frisian tea is grown locally. This is, of course, nonsense, since the prevailing climate and soil conditions make its cultivation impossible. However, in the meantime, East Frisian qualities have gained a popularity that goes far beyond the borders of Germany. We are very conscious of this tradition and only process the season's finest Assam teas in the recipes. Our East Frisian Leaf Blend has many golden-brown leaf tips and a classical, strong and spicy taste and is traditionally served with rock sugar and a dash of cream. 

Brewing: One teaspoon for six ounces of water

Steeping: Four to five minutes at 203-212 F