World-Class Loose Leaf Teas, Tisanes and Tea Brewing Accesories

5 Sample packets of any tea in stock. ( Flowering tea not included).Please specify samples.

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Please specify your 5 sample Tea choices

Choose ANY 5 teas in our store selection of teas. Each sample contains 2 heaping "perfect tea spoons" with an average weight of  of over one ounce.  *** Please specify which teas you would like to sample.*** 5 of any of our over 120 to choose from. Black teas, blends, herbals (tisanes), fruit, decaffeinated, Wellness, Chai, Oolongs, Green teas, too many to list.

If you are curious about any of our teas but don't want to purchase a full ounce or more this is a great way to have your own tea cupping session.

Tea samples are meant for an introduction to a variety of teas without spending a lot of money in the process.

We will send you samples of your choosing. Stop in to save on shipping.